Sectores de telecomunicaciones

In an increasingly interconnected world Tecnoplus offers a product for those who live in a fast paced environment.
Tecnoplus generating sets have been specifically designed for Telecommunications; these have been developed adhering to the current international standards which meet the needs of those who work in this sector day by day.

Tecnoplus provides a range of products focused on serving the special needs of the telecommunication sector, one of the most dynamic and constantly subjected to changes determined by the fast technological evolution.
Step by step, Tecnoplus grants a total support to its customers through all stages of the project, from the early drafts and initial designs right through manufacturing, in order to grant the more suitable applications and the perfect choice for any power solution needs. The design of the electrical part of the complex systems requires a total integration of each element involved in the project, allowing a perfect integration between the BTS and the complex systems.

The Tecnoplus highly-qualified technical team is always available to arrange the complete design of the power supply for the new telecom applications or alternatively for the restoration of the existing ones, supporting the customer in the selection of the most suitable generating set for his specific plant. It also provides the right components, such as control panels, battery boxes, rectifiers, BTS, etc.