Defence and civil aid

Sectores de defensa y ayuda civil

The gensets for military use have been specifically designed to meet the very specific requirements of the military force operators and developed to run under the toughest ambient conditions, respecting the most demanding necessities.
Military equipment has become increasingly sophisticated over time, expanding its characteristics and affecting different areas such as network-focused warfare, advanced weapons, as well as protection systems. Because of that, a growing demand for mobile power supply in the field of action becomes today an urgent necessity.

A light and compact equipment is essential and it is achieved through an effective design maintaining, at the same time, a high level of performance and reliability to efficiently operate in the toughest ambient conditions, e.g. high temperatures or altitudes and dusty work sites where a strong and sturdy equipment is critical. The genset control and monitoring equipment allows the automatic starting and stopping, as well as the synchronization functions in case of parallel operation.
The monitoring of a large number of parameters, the diagnostic activities and maintenance programs allow a fast and easy resolution of possible fault conditions, while the data recording functions provide an accurate data feedback.

Specifically designed to operate under hostile climatic conditions, the Tecnoplus electricity generators are compatible with other on-site power generation and distribution equipment of NATO and US Army. The range also complies with the specific requirements of many countries’ defense forces.

Manufactured to withstand harsh conditions, these gensets have been tested on site and selected for their durability, resistance and high performance, and are suitable for various applications, from communication systems to field hospital power supply.
As part of its public and general service obligations, the military forces need electricity generators for multiple applications: essential for the operation of a mobile hospital or as tactical units of power support and of computer systems in the military camps, they also provide global solutions and are used for humanitarian aid and for civil protection applications.
Thanks to the production diversification, Visatec has managed to acquire important know-how and expertise in meeting any customer’s needs, allowing to develop new projects even in short terms.